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Frequented asked question about the ouch-less Mamie Reglisse wax


Can Mamie Réglisse wax be used to all parts of the body?

Yes, you can apply all Mamie Réglisse waxes to any part of the body: face, bikini line, underarms, legs, arms, etc.


Why is this wax specifically tailored to women concerned about waxing pain ?


Mamie Réglisse has designed its hot hard waxes to suit women with above-average sensitive and fragile skin.

That's why our special ouch-less wax for sensitive skin has been enriched with natural active ingredients such as beeswax and white sandalwood.

It also has an innovative and flexible texture that adheres to the hair without tearing the skin.

These ingredients are not found in regular supermarket waxes so women with sensitive skin are almost always pleasantly surprised when they first use them.

Thanks to its unique formula this special ouch-less wax also opens the skin's pores when applied at optimum temperature (warm, malleable paste-like appearance).

Hair can be removed more easily, which helps to reduce pain by 80%.


I would like to know how much wax is needed to remove my hair

It all depends on the area you want to wax..

To give you an idea: about 75 g of wax for each half leg and about 125 g of wax for the underarms and bikini area.


I've never used hot wax by my own and I wonder if I will be able to manage it

Mamie Réglisse's special hot hard wax is totally suitable for beginners who want to wax at home.

You can read all about it in the manual that comes inside your parcel.

Also, don't hesitate to contact our exceptional customer service team at if you have any questions.

Can I buy this ouch-less, painless wax elsewhere ?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

This top-quality wax is only available on the Mamie Réglisse website.

That's why it's not available in regular and others shops.

Is it safe to order on this website? (secured payment)

The Mamie Réglisse website uses the last high-encrypted technology to keep personal data and online payments secure.

You can pay for your order on the site by using a credit card, Paypal or Bancontact.



I'm worried about shopping online. Can I easily return the products?

Yes, Mamie Réglisse provide a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for a period of 30 days.


Can I re-use the ouch-less hot wax ?

Mamie Reglisse don't recommend to filter the hot wax in order to re-use it for obvious reasons of hygiene.

Also, the wax will be slightly less effective if filtered.

That said, you can always try if you want.

You can melt the wax several times without any problem (even if you blend different fragrances).

If there is any wax left in the wax warmer, you can re-use it and melt it for your next waxing session.

What is the optimal hair length for waxing with Mamie Réglisse's product?

Mamie Reglisse recommends a length between 5 mm and 2 cm if you want the best results (especially if you normally shave, for example).

But you can wax with a hair length between 2 and 5 mm if you're used to that.

I have dark skin. Is your hot wax suitable for me?

Yes, Mamie Reglisse's hot wax is suitable for all skin types.


I have blond hair. Will this special ouch-less hair removal wax works for me?

Yes, Mamie Reglisse's hot wax removes all types of hair, regardless of their color.


Every month I go to an institute to have my bikini line done, which always costs me more than 50 EUR. Can I wax my entire bikini area with the wax provided in the special kit for sensitive skin?

Yes, you can wax your bikini line at least twice with a 200g bag. This takes about 20 minutes and should help you save a lot of money.

What's more, if you sign up for Mamie Réglisse's newsletter, you'll receive regular benefits as a reward for your loyalty.


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